Complete esthetic rehabilitation on natural dentition

The enhancements that we have seen in the last years in the dental field, both in the techniques and in the materials, have led to a gradual improvement of the working quality for many dentists.
Nowadays prosthetic rehabilitation is necessary, in most cases, for important dental wear cases due to: clenching and grinding of the teeth, abrasion for incorrect use of tooth brushes or tooth pastes, and most of all chemical erosion due to eating disorders, diet changes with acid food and drinks, acid reflux and more. In all of these cases there is unfortunately an important loss of dental substance, which is today possible to reintegrate ideally thanks to new techniques, that are minimally invasive so to often not need the use of the anesthetic. The positioning on all the teeth of very thin partial ceramics restorations, of various shapes and sizes, cemented with modern adhesive techniques, allow us to re-establish a new and perfect dental morphology, which ensure a complete and exciting prosthetic rehabilitation, both esthetically and functionally integrated (MIPP).


درمانهای پروتز بر روی دندانهای طبیعی


درمانهای پروتز بر روی دندانهای طبیعی